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Jenna Ryan is a real estate Broker specializing in Frisco, Plano, McKinney & Allen Real Estate. She is a native Dallasite and lives in Frisco, TX. Call 972-510-9177 to arrange a tour of the area or to view the homes & property of your choice.

Justin from Build My Scores

Join us for The Jenna Ryan Show this Sunday!

Special Guests Line-Up:

Justin Camper with Build My Scores.

Listen in as Justin tells you how he works with Loan Officers, Mortgage Brokers and Real Estate Professionals to help close more loans. His company helps prospective borrowers that are turned down for credit, qualifies them for their program, help them get approved in 5 to 9 months by increasing their scores 50- 100 points or more guaranteed.

FACEBOOK LIVE: Watch the Jenna Ryan Show today!!! Lots of great announcements, information, and we will also have Justin Camper on later!!! Call in and talk to me 214-787-1190… #thejennaryanshow #jennaryanrealty

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Watch the Jenna Ryan Show today!!! Lots of great announcements, information, and we will also have Justin Camper on later!!! Call in and talk to me 214-787-1190… #thejennaryanshow #jennaryanrealty

Posted by Jenna Ryan on Sunday, September 9, 2018

Peter Shaddock and Jennifer Johnson of Shaddock Homes

Join us today with Peter Shaddock and Jennifer Johnson of Shaddock Homes. Call in at 214-787-1190… #thejennaryanshow #iheartmedia #talkradio1190am #shaddockhomes #newhomes #newhomebuilders #frisco #plano #mckinney, #celina #lightfarms #castlehills #parker #inspiration

FACEBOOK LIVE: Today’s show with Peter Shaddock, Jr., Vice President and Jennifer Clark, Director of Sales

Peter Shaddock, Jr.
Vice President
Shaddock Homes

Jennifer Clarke
Director of Sales
Shaddock Homes

It’s time again for another informative, entertaining show focusing on real estate in Dallas and surrounding areas. This week we are honored to have THE Peter Shaddock, Jr., and THE Jennifer Clarke on air live. Tune in to get the scoop on this renowned local home builder, and network directly with the movers-and-shakers at Shaddock Homes. We will learn all about their beautiful custom homes, communities and their commitment to excellence in all areas. A wealth of knowledge, experience and information awaits!!!
Live on Facebook at

Join us today with Peter Shaddock and Jennifer Johnson of Shaddock Homes. Call in at 214-787-1190… #thejennaryanshow #iheartmedia #talkradio1190am #shaddockhomes #newhomes #newhomebuilders #frisco #plano #mckinney, #celina #lightfarms #castlehills #parker #inspiration

Posted by Jenna Ryan on Sunday, August 5, 2018

Dr. Blake Bennett – Texas A&M University

JOIN US FOR #TheJennaRyanShow ON SUNDAY!!! Special Guest, Dr. Blake Bennet, Professor with Texas A&M Real Estate!!! Live on Facebook, on air at iHeartmedia Talk Radio 1190AM from 11-12pm CST – Learn all about AG, Land, Farm, Ranch — I’m So Excited!!! call in with questions… 214-787-1190

FACEBOOK LIVE: Today’s show with Dr. Blake Bennett of Texas A&M University talking about Ag in Texas

Dr. Blake Bennett is an Associate Professor and Extension Economist-Management in the Department of Agricultural Economics and is located at the District 4 Research and Extension Center in Dallas, Texas. He develops educational programs on economic factors of farm and ranch management including agricultural commodities and farms/ranches encompassing field crops, livestock and large and small acreage producers. Current efforts focus on farm and ranch management analysis and production economics, specifically on marketing, budgeting and computerized record keeping.
Live on Facebook at

Posted by Jenna Ryan on Sunday, July 29, 2018

Adam Majorie, Director of Government Affairs

Join me this Sunday for #thejennaryanshow!!! We will have the special guest, Adam Majorie, Government Affairs Director of CCAR (Collin County Association of Realtors) call in with questions… 214-787-1190

Join us this Sunday from 11-12pm
TalkRadio 1190 AM – iHeartRADIO

FACEBOOK LIVE: Join me with Adam Majorie, Director of Government Affairs

Listen in as Jenna and Adam discuss his role at CCAR where he manages activities with government entities and public policymakers and identifies and ensures action on important real estate initiatives. Meets with constituents, provides presentations to Association groups on current and proposed impacts regarding legislative and consumer issues and sits on panels with other community boards to represent REALTORS® on public policy issues.
Live on Facebook at

Join me today as we talked with Adam Majorie, Director of Government Affairs with the Collin County Association of Realtors. Call in with questions 214-787-11901

Posted by Jenna Ryan on Sunday, July 8, 2018

Troy Olson 55 Million Dollar Producer with Century 21 Judge Fite

Talking with Troy Olson, 55 Million Dollar Producer with Century 21 Judge Fite, call in with questions… 214-787-1190 #thejennaryanshow

Join us this Sunday from 11-12pm
TalkRadio 1190 AM – iHeartRADIO
Call in with questions: 214-787-1190

FACEBOOK LIVE: Join me today with Troy Olson, 55 Million Dollar Producer with Century 21 Judge Fite

Live on Facebook at

Tony Prutch with Homes by J Anthony and Bryan Poché with Earth Form Foundations

Join me today to discuss the Royal Wedding, basements in Texas and Custom & high-end custom homes with Tony Prutch with Homes by J. Anthony and Bryan Poché with Earth Form Foundations. Call in 214-787-1190 #thejennaryanshow

Join us this Sunday from 11-12pm
TalkRadio 1190 AM – iHeartRADIO
Call in with questions: 214-787-1190

FACEBOOK LIVE: Join me today with Tony Prutch with Homes by J. Anthony and Bryan Poché with Earth Form Foundations

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Jeff Fallon Movational Coach and Real Estate Investment Coach

Join us for The Jenna Ryan Show this Sunday!
Special Guest: Jeff Fallon, Business Coach/Sales & Marketing Trainer/Speaker/Emcee/Real Estate Investor

Listen and watch as Jeff shares Real Estate Investing Tips and get motivated!!!

Jeff Fallon is a Real Estate Investing Coach who travels the world speaking about real estate investing and spreading his very positive attitude. He’s flying in from San Diego this weekend. Tune in and be uplifted and informed regarding real estate investing, California Real Estate and a positive lifestyle. Call in with questions: 214-787-1190 #thejennaryanshow

Join us this Sunday from 11-12pm
TalkRadio 1190 AM – iHeartRADIO
Call in with questions: 214-787-1190

FACEBOOK LIVE: Join me today with Master Coach & Speaker, Jeff Fallon

Live on Facebook at

Steve Stoler, Director of Media Relations, Plano, TX

I’ll be joining Jenna Ryan on Talk Radio 1190 Sunday morning to talk about all the great things happening in Plano and who knows, maybe even my book, Tonight at Ten: A TV News Reporter’s Stories Behind the Stories. Please call in to the show with your questions. We would love to hear from you. It should be a lot of fun! Call 214-787-1190 between 11 am and noon with your questions. We’ll be live on the radio and Facebook.

Steve Stoler, Director of Media Relations, Plano, TX will be on air with us at Talk Radio 1190AM on Sunday. May 06th. Don’t miss it!!! Call in with your questions. #thejennaryanshow

Join us this Sunday from 11-12pm
TalkRadio 1190 AM – iHeartRADIO
Call in with questions: 214-787-1190

FACEBOOK LIVE: Join me today I am talking with Steve Stoler, Director of Media Relations, Plano, TX

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David Horton of JAK Heating & Air Conditioning

Join us on Sunday as we discuss an important topic for the upcoming Summer Season. Air Conditioning & HVAC. Learn everything you ever want to know about maintaining your A/C, and perhaps buying a new system. We will discuss this topic in detail, and help you understand what to look for on a home inspection report.

David Horton of JAK Heating & Air Conditioning will be on air with us at Talk Radio 1190AM on Sunday. April 29th. Don’t miss it!!! Call in with your questions. #thejennaryanshow

Join us this Sunday from 11-12pm
TalkRadio 1190 AM – iHeartRADIO
Call in with questions: 214-787-1190

FACEBOOK LIVE: Join me today I am talking HVAC with David Horton of @Jakservices.

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The Psychology of Pricing


IN a market where buyers and sellers circle one another warily — each certain that he or she is being taken advantage of, no matter what the conclusion of a deal — the asking price of a property is rarely a straightforward reflection of comparable values. While comparables may be a starting point, the price at which a seller offers a property is often also based on wishful thinking, propaganda and ploy.

Buyers, in turn, parry by deconstructing the price. They aim not merely to assess a dwelling’s fair value but also to plumb a seller’s bottom line and vulnerabilities. How a price tracks with similar properties, how large and hasty any reduction is, and even how parsed or rounded a number is — all these are grist for concluding, rightly or not, whether a price is firm, desperate or a sign of painful dealings to come.

Or even a sign of delusion.

Despite whispering advice like courtiers into the ear of a monarch, brokers say some sellers have delusions of grandeur, stemming from a failure to grasp that what they want for their home has nothing to do with what it’s worth.

“Most of the time a seller will start to talk about what they want, and I will say, ‘I don’t care — don’t tell me,’ ” said Andrew M. Phillips, a senior vice president of Halstead Property, who teaches classes on pricing to Halstead agents. “I will do my analysis and come back to you with quantitative information.”

Even when the seller and broker reach an agreement on a home’s value, it is often wise to adjust the asking price downward, and not just because buyers like bargains.

An equally compelling reason to fly low is to adhere to psychological “break points.” These are dollar thresholds that buyers are most likely to select as the top amounts they are initially willing to spend or to use in Internet searches.

(“Initially” is the key. Once buyers set foot in a house or apartment and make an emotional connection to it, they are more vulnerable to budget creep, by which a $25,000 increase can be rationalized as a little bump of $30 or $40 a month in the mortgage.)

Major break points occur at $500,000, $1 million, $1.5 million and so forth. Smaller ones occur every $100,000 and then at every $20,000 or $25,000. So, for example, if the market value of an apartment is around $610,000, brokers generally advise sellers to round down to $600,000 so that the property lands within a buyer’s budgetarily myopic field of vision.

(For each type of apartment, there are other contextual break points. For example, Mr. Phillips noted, many studio buyers say they won’t look at anything over $300,000, while buyers of small one-bedrooms often hover below $500,000 and, for larger one-bedrooms, below $750,000.)

Many brokers tweak break points even further, counseling their clients to name a price just under a break point — for example, choosing $599,000 rather than $600,000. While buyers intellectually recognize the lack of meaningful difference, the lower amount is said to appeal on a less conscious level. (It works in reverse, too: buyers in a bidding war are often counseled to offer an amount just above the next break point.)

“I always joke with people that I’m a department store pricer, because I think that psychologically the first number has an impact,” said Frederick W. Peters, the president of Warburg Realty. “Even though it may seem cheesy, it actually works.”

As an example, Mr. Peters said that it’s wiser to price a property at $4.995 million if it’s worth $5 million. “People are influenced by the first number,” he said, adding, “It’s the 4 that influences the way they perceive the price. Also, if you stay under a threshold, you are going to be found by more computer searches.”

Barbara Fox, the president of Fox Residential Group, suggests pricing a property slightly below a threshold but a little higher — say, 5 percent — than its market value. “Everybody likes to be able to negotiate a little bit,” she said.

Some brokers reject the relatively common $99 or even 99-cent endings. They argue that marching to a more distinctive rhythm — like $487,500 instead of $499,000 — may not only sweep aside listing clutter but also telegraph that the asking price has been so carefully calculated as to be nonnegotiable, assuming that is the desired message.

Theoretically, with a carefully calculated figure, “the power would be much more on the seller’s side in terms of a negotiating position,” said Joan Sacks, an associate broker at Stribling & Associates, “whereas when you get to the more typical type of pricing, rounded numbers, like $995,000 or whatever, the instant perception is that this is just the first asking price.”

A highly specific price reduction that follows a rounded original listing price may lead some buyers to more strongly infer nonnegotiability, which may or may not be the seller’s intention. But affixing a truly oddball number can also send that message.

“I’ve seen prices like $433,779,” said James Lake, a vice president of Bellmarc Realty. “It indicates it’s going to be a difficult transaction from beginning to end.”

Read remaining article on The New York Times…

Courtney Roberts Wag Works

Join me with Jenna Ryan TODAY from 11-12PM CST on TalkRadio 1190AM iHeartRADIO & Facebook Live on The Jenna Ryan Show
I am proud to announce my special guest, Courtney Roberts, Dog Trainer from Wag Works.

We will be talking about how to train your dog utilizing the most up-to-date and science-based methods. We are dedicating a whole hour show to discussing dog training, dog training tricks, tips and ideas. Call in with your questions. #thejennaryanshow

Sunday 11-12pm – Talk Radio 1190AM
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Call in with questions: 214-787-1190

FACEBOOK LIVE: Join me this morning I’m talking with Courtney Roberts of Camp Bow Wow dog training, boarding and daycare.

Live on Facebook – Sundays 11-12pm – iHeartmedia – I’M TALKING TO YOU, home buyers & sellers in DFW!!!

Live on Facebook at

Natalie Woods Strayner HotOnHomes

Join us for The Jenna Ryan Show this Sunday!!! I am proud to announce my special guest, Natalie Woods Strayner from HotOnHomes. This Sunday we will be talking about the state of the housing community in DFW… Call in with your questions. Talk Radio 1190AM 11-12pm today!!!. #thejennaryanshow

Sunday 11-12pm – Talk Radio 1190AM
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FACEBOOK LIVE: Join me today for #TheJennaRyanShow my interview with Natalie Woods Stanyer host of hot on homes call with questions 214-787-1190 #thejennaryanshow Talk Radio 1190AM – Live on Facebook – Sundays 11-12pm – iHeartmedia – I’M TALKING TO YOU, home buyers & sellers in DFW!!!

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Marco Cola and Jessica Eidson with Hilltop Granite

Great show coming up this morning!!! We will be talking all about GRANITE, Quartz, Marble, countertops, etc… Call in with your questions. Talk Radio 1190AM 11-12pm today!!!. #thejennaryanshow

Sunday 11-12pm – Talk Radio 1190AM
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FACEBOOK LIVE: Join us today for #TheJennaRyanShow we will be talking about Granite with Marco Cola and Jessica Eidson with Hilltop Granite. #thejennaryanshow Talk Radio 1190AM – Live on Facebook – Sundays 11-12pm – iHeartmedia – I’M TALKING TO YOU, home buyers & sellers in DFW!!!

Live on Facebook at

President of Huffines Developments, Elvio Elvio P. Bruni & Chellie Feathers-Meziere

Tune in now great show with President of Huffines Developments, Elvio Elvio P. Bruni & Chellie Feathers-Meziere. #thejennaryanshow

Sunday 11-12pm – Talk Radio 1190AM
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Call in with questions: 214-787-1190

FACEBOOK LIVE: Join us for The Jenna Ryan Show this Sunday!!! I am proud to announce my special guests, Elvio Bruni, the President of Huffines Developments, and the Marketing Director of Huffines Developments, Chellie Meziere. This Sunday we will be talking about the Huffines Mega-Communites, Heartland, Savannah, Inspiration and Waterscape.
#thejennaryanshow Talk Radio 1190AM – Live on Facebook – Sundays 11-12pm – iHeartmedia – I’M TALKING TO YOU, home buyers & sellers in DFW!!!
Live on Facebook at

Dustin Jones of CB JENI Mustang Park

JCB JENI homes on the Jenna Ryan Show with Dustin Jones of CB JENI Mustang Park and The Reserves of Parker in Carrollton, and Denise Alpert with CB JENI and Normandy Homes in Spicewood in McKinney. #thejennaryanshow

Sunday 11-12pm – Talk Radio 1190AM
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FACEBOOK LIVE: Join us today for CB JENI homes on the Jenna Ryan Show with Dustin Jones of CB JENI Mustang Park and The Reserves of Parker in Carrollton, and Denise Alpert with CB JENI and Normandy Homes in Spicewood in McKinney. #CBJENIHomes #thejennaryanshow #dannycampbellphotography #northdallasrealestate #plano #frisco #mckinney #newhomes Talk Radio 1190AM – Live on Facebook – Sundays 11-12pm – iHeartmedia – I’M TALKING TO YOU, home buyers & sellers in DFW!!!

John Cardamon of and Josh Dixon, Tax Resolution Expert

John Cardamon of and Josh Dixon, Tax Resolution Expert. #thejennaryanshow

Sunday 11-12pm – Talk Radio 1190AM
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Call in with questions: 214-787-1190

FACEBOOK LIVE: Join me today for lots of fun we’re going to be talking with John Cardamon of and Josh Dixon, Tax Resolution Expert. Talk Radio 1190AM – Live on Facebook – Sundays 11-12pm – iHeartmedia – I’M TALKING TO YOU, home buyers & sellers in DFW!!!

Lucas Real Estate

Jenna Ryan talking Lucas Real Estate #thejennaryanshow

Sunday 11-12pm – Talk Radio 1190AM
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Call in with questions: 214-787-1190

Today Show we will be discussing Lucas Texas. Interested in acreage and a big million dollar home? Then check out Lucas Texas in the Lovejoy School District. Watch the show today to learn more about real estate in DFW. Call to talk at 214-787-1190!!!! #LucasRealEstate #HomesinLucas

Jenna Ryan talking FSBO

Jenna Ryan talking FSBO #thejennaryanshow

Sunday 11-12pm – Talk Radio 1190AM
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Call in with questions: 214-787-1190

FACEBOOK LIVE: Today I’m talking FSBO. Talk Radio 1190AM – Live on Facebook – Sundays 11-12pm – iHeartmedia – I’M TALKING TO YOU, home buyers & sellers in DFW!!! #dallasrealtors #planorealtors #friscorealtors #mckinneyrealtors #dfwrealestate #homesforsale #relocatetodallas

Mike Jones, auctioneer and Cheryl Brewer with Keller Williams

Mike Jones, auctioneer and Cheryl Brewer with Keller Williams #thejennaryanshow

Sunday 11-12pm – Talk Radio 1190AM
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Call in with questions: 214-787-1190

FACEBOOK LIVE: Join me today for the Jenna Ryan Show I have two special guest today I have Mike Jones, auctioneer. And I have my mother, Cheryl Brewer with Keller Williams. She’s been an agent for 20 years. Guaranteed to be an incredible informative show call in 214-787-1190.

How to Price Your Home to Sell

How to Price Your Home to Sell #thejennaryanshow

Sunday 11-12pm – Talk Radio 1190AM
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FACEBOOK LIVE: JOIN US LIVE ON #thejennaryanshow this Sunday 11-12pm – Talk Radio 1190AM. Tune into the show today to learn about how to price your home, renting versus buying, staging your home to sell, and about my experience with a veterinarian in Carrollton Texas. All Creatures Veterinarian Center. Call in 214-787-1190 talk to me

Ashley Berges Life Coach, Licensed Therapist, TV Show Host, Radio Show Host

I’m thrilled to announce my guest for this Sunday’s radio / Livestream Facebook show… Ashley Berges is a Life Coach, Licensed Therapist, TV Show Host, Radio Show Host and all around great person!!! Can’t wait to see her again and hang out with you all this Sunday on air!!! We will be talking about ***LIVING YOUR TRUE LIFE***** Great topic to kick off the new year!!! #thejennaryanshow #LYTL

Sunday 11-12pm – Talk Radio 1190AM
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FACEBOOK LIVE: JOIN US LIVE ON #thejennaryanshow this Sunday 11-12pm – Talk Radio 1190AM for my interview with Ashley Berges.

Syndicated talk show host of Live Your True Life Perspectives, creator and host of The Celebrity Perspective on Amazon Prime, Life coach and licensed therapist who has dedicated her life to helping others find their true purpose and authentic self. Her latest book, “The 10 Day Challenge to Live Your True Life” has become a guidebook for busy people who want to make valuable changes to their life. Ashley has appeared on NBC, ABC, CBS, CW33, Fox, Style Network and now on Amazon Prime. Ashley helps others to understand the value of their life and to offer them the necessary tools to create an honestly authentic and fabulous life.

Stacey Jo & Mark Raskin

I’m here today with Stacey Jo & Mark Raskin talking about photography and mortgage. Call in at 214-787-1190!!!.Call him with questions 214-787-1190

FACEBOOK LIVE: The JENNA RYAN RADIO SHOW on 1190am IHEART MEDIA Sunday morning at 11:00 representing Stacey Jo & Mark Raskin talking about photography and mortgage! Please tune in or call in if you have a question or want to say “Hey!” We will also be LIVE on FB! Call in number is 214-787-1190! Have a Blessed Wonderful Weekend! #thejennaryanshow Call in to ask questions 214-787-1190

Contour Kouture & Doris Medina Morrow & Brogan Stiefer

I’m here today with Contour Kouture, Doris Medina Morrow And Brogan Stiefer!.Call him with questions 214-787-1190

FACEBOOK LIVE: The JENNA RYAN RADIO SHOW on 1190am IHEART MEDIA Sunday morning at 11:00 representing CONTOUR KOUTURE LASERLIPO along with the Fabulous GORGEOUS by Doris Medina Morrow And Beauty by Brogan Stiefer! Please tune in or call in if you have a question or want to say “Hey!” We will also be LIVE on FB! Call in number is 214-787-1190! Have a Blessed Wonderful Weekend! #thejennaryanshow #contourkouture #gorgeousbydoris #beautybybrogan Call in to ask questions 214-787-1190

Clint Emerson

Clint Emerson

Hello everyone, join me today live with Clint Emerson discussing 100 deadly skills. Call me with questions 214-787-1190. We’re going to be talking about Las Vegas and all the tragedies and how to survive.

FACEBOOK LIVE: with Clint Emerson discussing 100 deadly skills. Call in to ask questions 214-787-1190

Levi Sauerbrei of the Nerd Butler

Levi Sauerbrei of the Nerd Butler

Join me live today speaking with Levi Sauerbrei of the Nerd Butler!!! We will be talking about Smart Homes & Home Automation!!! Call in to ask questions and make comments: 214–787-1190

FACEBOOK LIVE: with Levi Sauerbrei of the Nerd Butler. Call in to ask questions 214-787-1190

Tammi Burgee of Fidelity National Home Warranty

Tammi Burgee of Fidelity National Home Warranty

This Sunday Talk Radio 1190 AM from 11-12pm on #thejennaryanshow Join us today!!! Talking with Tammi Burgee of Fidelity National Home Warranty. Tune in!!! call in with questions or comments 214-787-1190

FACEBOOK LIVE: with Tammi Burgee of Fidelity National Home Warranty. Call in to ask questions 214-787-1190

Eve Mayer Chief Marketing Officer at Splash Media

Eve Mayer Chief Marketing Officer at Splash Media

This Sunday Talk Radio 1190 AM from 11-12pm on #thejennaryanshow Let’s chat with Eve Mayer CMO, Entrepreneur, Author, Keynote Speaker, Company Culturist, Mom, Wife & Irreverent, Fearless Beast!!! She’s Chief Marketing Officer at Splash Media and has written not one, but 3 BOOKS you can find at Barnes & Noble. We will be discussing, social media, online dating & millenials. Sure to be a great show. Tune in!!! call in with questions or comments 214-787-1190

FACEBOOK LIVE: intimate conversation with Eve Mayer about social media and online dating. Call in with questions and comments to get a free Nordstrom gift card. Call in to ask questions 214-787-1190

Sports broadcaster Mark Elfenbein of ESPN Radio 103.3 FM

Sports broadcaster Mark Elfenbein of ESPN Radio 103.3 FM

We’re here today talking with Mark Elfenbein Sports Talk radio hosts on ESPN 103.3 FM. He’s also a sales rep at American Legend Homes, we’re going to be talking about the Mayweather fight as well as the Dallas Cowboys maybe some college football call in with questions or comments 214-787-1190 #Thejennaryanshow

FACEBOOK LIVE: Live show today with sports broadcaster Mark Elfenbein of ESPN Radio 103.3 FM on to discuss the #dallascowboys preseason and the #MayweatherMcGregor fight. We will also have a rep from #AmericanLegendHomes on hand to discuss Real Estate. Tune in tomorrow for another Great Show!!! #sportstalk Talk Radio 1190AM — Sundays 11-12pm Live. Call in to ask questions 214-787-1190

Gina Bratt and Joel Holback with a Shawnee Trail Cycling Club of Frisco

Gina Bratt and Joel Holback with a Shawnee Trail Cycling Club of Frisco

Gina Bratt and Joel Holback with a Shawnee Trail Cycling Club of Frisco

I’m here today with Gina Bratt and Joel Holback with a Shawnee Trail Cycling Club of Frisco. Call in to ask questions 214-787-1190 #Thejennaryanshow

FACEBOOK LIVE: Live show today with Gina Bratt and Joel Holback with a Shawnee Trail Cycling Club of Frisco. Call in to ask questions 214-787-1190

Dr Amir Baluch author of Make It and Keep It

Dr Amir Baluch

Dr Amir Baluch!!! Best-selling author of “Make It and Keep It,”

On Air today with the fabulous Dr Amir Baluch!!! Best-selling author of “Make It and Keep It,” wealth-building strategies. #Baluchbulletin #Thejennaryanshow

FACEBOOK LIVE: Live show today with Dr. Amir Baluch, best-selling author of “Make It Keep It.” Wealth building strategies call in 214-787-1190

STEVE GALLEGOS : America’s Ambassador on Success

The Jenna Ryan Show
“America’s Ambassador on Success”

The Jenna Ryan Show : Steve Gallegos, Success Speaker and author of “How to Live Remarkably” will be on for a deep conversation about achieving the life you were born to live… Don’t miss it!!! Sunday 11-12pm – Talk Radio 1190 AM, or download the iHeartmedia App. #thejennaryanshow #liveremarkably

Referred to by many as “America’s Ambassador on Success,” Steve Gallegos is a Personal Mastery Strategist, International Keynote Speaker, Emcee, and Best-Selling Author residing in Dallas, TX. Through lessons learned as a U.S. Marine Sergeant, Police Officer, Singer-Songwriter and Recording Artist, Board Certified Civil Trial Lawyer, and Published Commercial Photographer, Steve is committed to guiding others to grow and prosper so that we may all contribute to society at a higher level. Known as a Rule-Breaker and Fun-Maker, Steve inspires his audiences to transform their beliefs so they can achieve what otherwise seems impossible.

His recent best-seller “How to Live Remarkably: Proven Strategies to Solve Your Problems, Make Better Decisions, and Eliminate Stress” was recently awarded 1st place in the prestigious International Latino Authors Awards.

FACEBOOK LIVE: Today Show Steve Gallegos, inspirational speaker, author of “How to Live Remarkably.” Call 214-787-1190 to receive a free copy of his book!!!

LANCE WAKEFIELD : Shoreline Properties | Wholesale Frisco

The Jenna Ryan Show : LANCE WAKEFIELD
Shoreline Properties | Wholesale Frisco July 23, 2017 – Talk Radio 1190 AM – 11-12pm Call in to ask questions 214-787-1190!!!

FACEBOOK LIVE: We have Lance Wakefield on the show today!!! We are talking about real estate investing, wholesaling, Flipping, rentals, new investors listen to the show today and call in at 214-787-1190 with questions

Jenna Ryan Show : Ross Ikemire with Ikemire architects

Watch the Jenna Ryan Show, spqa
Special guest Ross Ikemire with Ikemire architects. Specializing in Park Cities million dollar home design. Call in to ask questions 214-787-1190!!!.

FACEBOOK LIVE: Ross Ikemire, the architect of this home in Park Cities is coming on my show this Sunday!!! It’s going to be jam-packed with valuable info. Don’t miss it!!! Sunday, July 17, 2017 11-12pm Talk Radio 1190AM

Aaron Garrett, personal trainer with 212 degrees coach .com

@212degreescoach Aaron Garrett, Personal Trainer

Aaron Garrett, personal trainer with 212 degrees coach .com call to ask questions about working out, Fitness, Nutrition. 214-787-1190.

FACEBOOK LIVE: Aaron Garrett, personal trainer with 212 degrees coach .com call to ask questions about working out, Fitness, Nutrition. 214-787-1190

Mike Lohner IMS relocation, and Steve Barron with designer Door and Window

Steve Barron with DFW Moving & Storage Solutions and Mike Lohner with – Plano Doors and Windows.

FACEBOOK LIVE: Mike Lohner IMS relocation, and Steve Barron with designer Door and Window

Shaun Wesley and Heather White w/ Integrative Foundation Solutions

Shaun Wesley and Heather White w/ Integrative Foundation Solutions

FACEBOOK LIVE: Shaun Wesley and Heather White w/ Integrative Foundation Solutions


The Jenna Ryan Show
Schaun Wesley & Heather White
Integrated Financial Solution
March 12, 2016 – Talk Radio 1190 AM – 11-12pm

Last Sunday we had a terrific show, very informative, regarding FOUNDATION with Schaun Wesley & Heather White of Integrated Foundation Solutions and his beautiful girlfriend and my personal friend, Heather White. It was a great show, lots of fun. I’ve linked the show below so you you can watch it or listen to it right now from my blog:
Schaun Wesley – Integrated Foundation Solutions

The Jenna Ryan Show
“Your Best Friend in Real Estate”
Sundays from 11-12pm
Talk Radio 1190 AM
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The Jenna Ryan Show: Phil Crone, Dallas Home Builder’s Association

phil crone dallas builders association, barry hensley north star homes in frisco

FACEBOOK LIVE: Phil Crone, Dallas Home Builder’s Association


The Jenna Ryan Show
Introducing Phil Crone, Executive Director
Dallas Home Builder’s Assoc.
March 5, 2017 – Talk Radio 1190 AM – 11-12pm

Join us this Sunday, March 5, 2017 for The Jenna Ryan Show! Our special guest this week is Phil Crone, Executive Director of the Dallas Home Builder Association. We always have incredible, informative guests and this week is no exception. Phil Crone heads up the Dallas Home builders Association and we will be discussing local home builders, new laws, labor and issues that impact local home building.

We will also be joined by Barry Hensley with North Star Luxury Homes, a home builder who builds in the Frisco area. I’m so excited about the show and can’t wait to share all this great info with you!

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Phil Crone Bio

Phil Crone, Executive Officer, Dallas Builders Association: Phil Crone has been with the Dallas Builders Association since 2006 and has served as its Executive Officer since 2013. Previously he was the Association’s Director of Government Affairs. He manages one of the largest local home builders associations in the nation with more than 1,000 members. He has an undergraduate degree from Purdue University, a law degree from Southern Methodist University, and is a licensed Texas attorney. Outside of work, Phil plays a variety of recreational sports, and is an avid runner as well as a private pilot.

The Dallas Home Builder’s Association includes professionals involved in home building, remodeling, multifamily construction, property management, subcontracting, design, housing finance, building product manufacturing, wholesaling and distribution, and other aspects of residential and light commercial construction.

JC Johnson, residential real estate attorney

JC Johnson, residential real estate attorney

FACEBOOK LIVE: Residential Real Estate Attorney, JC Johnson


This week’s show… Residential Real Estate Attorney, JC Johnson.

Join us tomorrow… Sunday from 11-12pm on Talk Radio 1190AM!!! We will be giving you incredibly informative content (as always) regarding the residential real estate transaction process. We will discuss the following types of info:

– Sales Contract
– Seller Disclosure
– Legal Protection

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About JC Johnson

J C Johnson serves as outside counsel and litigation defense counsel for numerous companies in the real estate, insurance, trucking, transportation, retail, restaurant, food product manufacturing, industrial product manufacturing, agriculture and oil & gas industries. His representation spans matters concerning real estate, general liability defense litigation, nonsubscriber defense litigation, workers compensation defense, commercial contracts, mergers & acquisitions, private equity and employment. Mr. Johnson also serves the business community as a frequent speaker on the topics of litigation, risk management, and related legal topics. As one of the equity partners, Mr. Johnson engages in all phases of firm management and client services along with equity partner Bob Dorsett.

Call in and ask questions live during the show at 214-787-1190.

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Dallas Roofer Referrals

RooferHere is a post on my Facebook where I asked for Roofer Referrals. I received a ton. I wanted to post this somewhere in case I want to find this list again, and so you, my blog followers can get to this list should you ever need it. I have not worked with a majority of these people. Not recommending them. Just providing this list for your benefit. Click on the comments icon to see the actual post. DALLAS ROOFING REFERRALS – DALLAS ROOFING CONTRACTORS

Pricing Your Home to Sell – Ivy Boland REMAX Dallas Suburbs & Appraiser, Darryl Morris

Ivy Boland REMAX Dallas Suburbs & Appraiser, Darryl MorrisWe were live on talk radio 1190 am, download the iheartmedia app if you’re not in the DFW area, or watch live on my Facebook page at Jenna.Ryan1 #thejennaryanshow I’m on with broker Ivy Boland today with Remax Dallas suburbs. And Darryl Morris real estate appraiser, both have been in business over 30 years How to price your home to sell… — with Ivy Boland and daryl morris.

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Baby Boomers, Empty Nesters, Downsizing, Senior Living Real Estate

dallas real estate, estate sales, senior living

Geni Manning, Brad Walters & Jenna Ryan

My Best Show Yet!!! I’m getting used to this!!! Watch the show at your convenience… Discussing Downsizing, Baby Boomers, Senior Living, Empty Nesters. Very informative. Take time to listen!!! Geni Manning, Realtor with Keller Williams and Brad Walters, Lender for American Southwest Mortgage. #thejennaryanshow

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Divorce and Real Estate in Dallas, Plano, Frisco, McKinney

The Jenna Ryan Show: Divorce & Real Estate with Attorney Kyle Basinger & Lender Angela Deaton
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Attorney Kyle Basinger, Realtor Jenna Ryan and Lender Angela Deaton with Prime Lending

Attorney Kyle Basinger, Realtor Jenna Ryan and Lender Angela Deaton with Prime Lending

What Makes a Home Updated?

People want to know, what makes a home “updated?” What updates are necessary for a home to be considered “updated” to market standards? An updated home is a home that has been improved to comply with today’s standards. Today’s home buyer (2016) expects an older home to have updates, or to be priced accordingly. Even in tough Seller-markets, a home must be updated in order to get top-asking price for your neighborhood. This article will describe the different things you will want to do to your older home in order to get top-dollar in the marketplace.

updated kitchenKITCHEN UPDATES

The kitchen is the most important room in the house, and therefore needs to be updated first. It should be light, bright, open, spacious and neutral. Here are other updates needed in order of importance.

  • Granite Countertops – This is a must in most neighborhoods. Granite countertops not only add to the value of your home, but help it sell much faster too. Choose a neutral color in beige or grey that matches with the rest of the homes color motif.
  • New Appliances – New appliances are paramount to an updated home. Anything that’s over 10 years old tends to look ancient and can date your home causing it to sell for less than top dollar. New appliances include: New ovens, microwaves, ranges, dishwashers and vents. Stainless steel is the preferred type of appliance, with black appliances coming in second. White appliances are completely out-of-style.
  • Plain Walls – People want plain walls. They want grey first, light beige second, white third. Anything on the walls, including a border or color can date your home. People like a clean look that will suit their own preferences. Grey, beige and white do the trick. Plain walls are preferred throughout the home.
  • New or Refurbished Cabinets – New cabinets in white are the preference of most buyers here in 2016. However, you don’t have to replace your cabinets. Buyers are just as happy with painted or refurbished cabinets, just as long as the cabinets are sturdy and in good condition. Oak, cherry are okay cabinet colors as well. Pine stained cabinets are now outdated.
  • Open Layout – Many of the older homes have kitchens that are enclosed and separate from the rest of the home. Nowadays people want open kitchens that are practically combined with the living areas. If your kitchen is enclosed, you may consider knocking down a wall to open it up. Remember: Openness trumps cabinet space.


interior updatesPeople are often more interested in the aesthetic updates to a home than they are to the mechanics of the home. Meaning, you can get away with an older A/C, but forget getting top dollar if you have old carpet. Here are some other must-haves for an updated home today.

  • Hardwood Floors – Hardwood floors are perhaps the most important aspect of the home, apart from granite countertops. People prefer hand-scraped dark colored floors, especially if the home is over $300K in the DFW area. Homes under $300K can get away with other types of hardwoods, as well as laminate flooring.
  • Laminate Flooring – If you choose to do laminate floors, I recommend using an upgraded version that looks most like hand-scraped hardwoods. The cheaper laminates look cheap, but still help the home sell much better and for more money than carpet.
  • Ceramic Tile – Very few homes have linoleum anymore. Ceramic tile in a neutral color is the preference for bathrooms and kitchens.
  • New Paint – Neutral color paint is a must with clean walls with no nail holes, smudge-markets, scuffed areas is preferred by home buyers today. Grey is #1 and beige is #2. Accent walls are not recommended because every person has different tastes. Keep things neutral.
  • Flat Ceilings – Get rid of popcorn ceilings. People despise popcorn ceilings, and the process of fixing them can be expensive, especially if your home has vaulted or cathedral ceilings. If your home still has popcorn ceilings, which are considered unsightly as well as a health hazard, then you will need to price it accordingly. The new home owner will want to get this done in the future.
  • New Fixtures – Gold fixtures are out, pewter or brushed metal fixtures are in. This includes door knobs, ceiling fans, etc… Gold trim anywhere says that your home is from the 90s and will decrease the value of your home when you go to sell.
  • New Windows – You can get away without having new windows, but if your windows are old and have broken seals, you might as well invest in new windows, or else the buyer will ask for them anyway. You need good windows to get top dollar.


bathroom updates

bathroom updates


Bathrooms are usually the last to be updated, but are still very important, especially those bathrooms on the ground floor. Bathroom updates needed include:

  • New tub and shower – An updated home includes an updated tub, shower and fixtures. People want a tiled shower with a tiled pan.
  • New Shower Door – Buyers prefer the frameless glass shower door and will pay more for a home that offers this.
  • Plain Walls – Again, plain walls win over wall paper.
  • New Mirrors – People want decorative mirrors with borders. Any color is fine.
  • New Cabinets – People like double sinks in the master with bureau type counters best, so long as the cabinets are fresh and clean looking.
  • Granite Countertops – Granite is preferred in the bathrooms with under mount sinks.


Exterior updates are less required than interior updates, however, there are a few things you want to consider about the outside of your home for getting the best resell value.

  • Front Door in Good Condition – The front door does not have to be new, but needs to be in decent condition, ie: clean, new paint or stain.
  • Clean Landscaping – No need to go all out as landscaping is not what people care about, however, it is important to have trimmed bushes, mowed lawn, etc…
  • Gutters & Drainage – Gutters need to be free from damage so that the home looks well taken care of.
  • Fence Stained and in Good Condition – An old fence dates the home and should be updated, repaired or stained in order to garner top dollar at the closing table.

There you have it!!! A nice list of things to do to update your home. Of course, you can do it yourself, but it’s best to hire professionals for the most appealing finished look. If you have these updates done, your home should sell within days in the DFW market. Give me a call to discuss buying or selling a home today!

10 Things to Consider When Buying An Existing Home

homes for saleIf you are considering buying an existing home, there are a few things you need to know before you put in your offer and hire your inspector. This article gives you a run-down of the most pressing items that concern most home buyers.

1. Seller Disclosure

Before putting in an offer on a home, it is important to carefully review the Seller’s Disclosure. This document should list the previous and existing issues of the home that the Seller knows about. The Seller is obligated by law to disclose any known defects. Of course, not everyone will remember everything to put on the disclosure and not everyone is perfectly honest, that’s why it’s important to get an inspection, and to ask questions to clarify any discrepancies in the disclosure.

2. Hidden Defects

Prior to putting in your offer, be mindful of the hidden defects of the home. It is possible to hide things about a home without actually being dishonest. Of course, you want to review the Seller Disclosure Notice prior to making any offers, but you also want to look under rugs, behind large paintings and furniture just to make sure there are no cracks that need to be addressed. A crack is not always the end of the world, but you do need to make sure that everything is addressed to prevent a problem in the future.

3. Foundation

The DFW area is ripe with foundation laden issues for existing homes. They say that it’s not a matter of “if” the home has foundation damage, but “when” the damage will occur. It’s okay if a home has foundation issues that have been repaired, but unrepaired foundation issues can be a major problem–and keep you from getting a loan on the home. Make sure that all foundation issues have been addressed and that there is a transferrable warranty in place. If there are obvious foundation issues that have not been addressed, you may want to let that sound the alarm to move on to another home.

4. Heating, Cooling Equipment

The air conditioner outside as well as the furnace and duct work inside and the hot water heater are all costly items that need to be addressed prior to purchasing a home. The life of an air conditioner is thought to be about 15-20 years if it is well maintained. A hot water heater is believed to have about a 10 year lifespan. You want to make sure that the A/C is cooling to the appropriate temperature and that the heater is working well. On an older home, it is recommended to have a licensed technician inspect the system to make sure it is working and will continue to work for years to come.

You will also want to consider the level of insulation. Generally, if there is a problem with the insulation, this will come out in the inspection process.

5. Pool Condition

The pool is a deep consideration (no pun intended… ha). People do not want to buy a pool that needs a lot of maintenance done to it within the next few years. The more work that needs to be done to the pool, the less value it adds to the overall home. Things that matter when it comes to the pool includes: resurfacing, pump, cleaning equipment). You need to make sure it is up-to-par for the next several years. If not, then you need to deduct the costs to replace or repair the pool from the overall value of the home, and therefore, the overall price you pay for the home.

6. Past Insurance Claims

If you are seriously considering purchasing an older home, your agent will likely run a CLUE Report on the Seller and/or the property. The CLUE Report will provide information regarding any property damage insurance claims made in the past 7 years. If there are claims that are not disclosed, you will want to investigate further.

7. Roof Condition

One of the first things that many buyers want to know about an older home is the age of the roof. In Texas we have a lot of hail and many roofs are replaced by the insurance company. You need to know if the roof is insurable, and if any claims have been filed for the roof for repairs that were not made. You need to make sure the roof is in good condition so that it will last for years to come. If roof repairs need to be made, then you will want to ask for those repairs to be either made, or to receive concession for the repairs so you can take care of that yourself after closing.

8. Plumbing, Drainage & Leaks

You will want to make sure that the plumbing is solid in the home. If it’s pier-and-beam, you’ll want to have the inspector go under the house to make sure there is no standing water or water damage. You want to make sure that the water pressure is sufficient, and that the facilities work well and that there are no leaks under the sinks. You will also want to check out the garbage disposal and dishwasher. Much of this stuff is done by the inspector, but you can check for obvious signs of problems before you put in an offer.

You will also want to consider drainage around the home. Is there standing water near the house or in the garage after it rains? Little things like this are good to know before buying the home so you can be prepared or ask for repairs before your option period is up.

If there are obvious water leaks, of course, this is cause for concern. It doesn’t mean the house is a dud, it just means that you will want to investigate further. You need to know if the leak is disclosed, what caused the leak and whether the source of the leak has been repaired. You also need to know if there is mold inside the walls. You can find out more by asking the owner directly, checking out the inspection report, finding out about past insurance claims as well as having a professional, licensed plumber investigate.

9. Windows & Doors

You want to make sure that windows and doors are in good condition. Many windows in most older homes need to be replaced because of broken seals. Broken seals cause condensation in the windows that cannot be cleaned. These windows will need to be completely replaced. Generally the buyer requests that the seller take care of all windows with broken seals, and sometimes the seller will offer cash in lieu of doing the repairs themselves. One thing to consider with windows is the size and style. Some windows are not easily replaceable. Make sure to have a professional window technician inspect the windows and give a price quote for replacement before your option period expires. You don’t want to be stuck with a home that needs all new windows.

10. Electrical & Wiring

The electrical wiring of a home is very important. Older homes are sometimes not up to code. Many times the panel box will be in the wrong place or will be the type that needs to be replaced. The replacement for the box is anywhere from $1000-3000. Many times buyers request that the seller take care of the panel box if it is old and not up-to-code, and many times the seller refuses to fix the box siting the fact that no fires have occurred in the 30 years since the home was built, so there is no need. This is up to you, the buyer, to negotiate with the seller if you want the home.

Another big issue with the electrical is that many older homes lack GFCIs. A GFCI is a fast-acting circuit breaker designed to shut off electric power in the event of a ground-fault within as little as 1/40 of a second. Your home inspector will let you know if GFCIs are needed in the home you are considering. Installing these generally costs around $50 per outlet and must be done by a licensed electrician.

If you are in the market for a new or existing home anywhere in the Dallas-area, including: Plano, Frisco, McKinney, Allen, Prosper, Celina, Lucas, Murphy, Wylie, Sachse, Carrollton, Farmers Branch, Little Elm, Garland, Dallas, Addison or surrounding areas, contact me, Jenna Ryan, Realtor. I would love to show you around and help you find your Home-Sweet-Home.

Healthy Recipe: Blackened Tilapia Baja Tacos

Blackened Tilapia Baka TacosBlackened Tilapia Baja Tacos

1/4 cup reduced-fat sour cream $
2 tablespoons chopped fresh cilantro $
2 tablespoons fresh lime juice
1 jalapeño pepper, seeded and chopped $
1 cup thinly sliced white onion $
1 1/2 teaspoons paprika
1 1/2 teaspoons brown sugar
1 teaspoon dried oregano
3/4 teaspoon garlic powder
1/2 teaspoon salt
1/2 teaspoon ground cumin
1/4 teaspoon ground red pepper
4 (6-ounce) tilapia fillets $
1 tablespoon canola oil
8 (6-inch) corn tortillas
1/2 ripe peeled avocado, thinly sliced $
4 lime wedges


1. Combine first 4 ingredients in a food processor; process until smooth. Combine jalapeño sauce and onion in a small bowl.

2. Combine paprika and next 6 ingredients (through ground red pepper); sprinkle evenly over fish. Heat oil in a large cast-iron skillet over medium-high heat. Add fish to pan; cook 3 minutes on each side or until desired degree of doneness.

3. Warm tortillas according to package directions. Divide fish, onion mixture, and avocado evenly among tortillas. Serve with lime wedges.

10 Things to Consider When Buying A Home

By Jenna Ryan, Realtor

1. Location

buying-a-home-in-plano-frisco-mckinney-allen-melissa-celina-prosperThe location of your new home is paramount. After all, location is the number one factor for buying a home. You want a location that is good for your current needs, and your needs in the future. A home that is near your office, close to schools, in a safe environment near shopping and entertainment. There are many options in DFW for you to check out.

One thing that I’ve noticed when selling homes is that you want to be flexible on location. Many people, especially in this seller’s market, start out wanting one thing, and end up opening their minds to other options when they see what’s available. You can often get more home with more features a little farther out than you anticipated. The neat thing is, DFW is growing, so there are lots of intriguing places to live on the outskirts such as Melissa, Wylie, Lucas, Prosper, Celina and similar cities.

2. Construction

The construction of a home, of course, is very important. If you’re buying new, you want to make sure the builder you choose is reputable and builds a high quality product. If you’re buying an existing home, you want to make sure the home has a solid foundation that will last for many years to come. The foundation should be checked by your home inspector during the option period… and if anything looks suspicious, you may want to pay the extra money (around $500) to get the home inspected by a structural engineer. Many pre-existing homes in DFW have prior foundation damage and subsequent repairs made. If repairs have been made, it’s important that you obtain the transferrable warranty from the prior foundation company.

You will also want to make sure that all remodeling or home addition permits have been obtained and signed off on by the city.

3. Condition

The overall condition of the home is very important as well. This includes everything from the foundation (mentioned above) to the mechanical aspects such as the age of the roof, HVAC and hot water heater. You want to consider the condition of the fence, the pool equipment (if applicable), and all appliances. Your inspector will help you discover hidden problems in the home, and oftentimes you can negotiate for concessions with the Seller during the option period. However, the Seller is under no obligation to give you anything for repairs, and you could end up stuck paying for the inspection of a home you’re not buying… so buyer beware.

4. Price

You want to make sure the price of your home is right for the market. Your Realtor can help you determine the right price to pay for a home by running a comparable analysis of the homes sold in the neighborhood you’re considering. If you’re buying new, you want to make sure your Realtor negotiates the right price–don’t just pay the list price. Get your Realtor involved to make sure you’re not leaving anything on the table.

If you’re buying an existing home, your Realtor can do a competitive analysis to help you determine the price of other comparable homes in the area. If a home has no updates, it should (obviously) be priced less than a home with updates. If you pay top dollar for a home without updates, you will essentially be upside down the day you close on the home. That’s not good! You want to make sure you pay the right price, and a Realtor can help you do that.

5. Schools

Are the schools exemplary? This may be one of your primary concerns, however, it’s important to consider that there are more available homes in some areas with schools that are less than exemplary. In these districts, there may be less competition, and your child can come out in the top ranks… and have more chances to compete in sports and other activities. There are pros and cons to different areas and different schools. Also, just because a district has an overall mid-to-low-ranking, doesn’t mean that all the schools in the district are bad. Some schools in the district may be great. Likewise, don’t be swayed by a great district ranking without checking the rankings for the individual schools. Some great districts have low performing schools, so do your home work on each grade range.

6. Conveniences

When buying a new home or existing home, you want to make sure it is convenient for the things you do in your life. Example, you want to make sure the school is nearby so you don’t have to trudge through 30 minutes of traffic to drop off kids in the morning. You need a home that is convenient to restaurants, shopping and most practically–the grocery stores. You want to make sure that the area you are moving to either already has lots of entertainment, eating and shopping venues, or has plans in the works. Areas like Prosper, Celina, Lucas, Melissa are growing still and are catching up by building new stores, schools and parks. Make sure everything you need is located nearby.

7. Square Footage / Size

The size of your home is an important factor in deciding what home to buy. Depending on the size of your family, your needs and your lifestyle you will need to choose how much square footage works for you. The layout of the home is very important for maximizing the available space. According to experts, the New American Standard is having 1,000 square feet per person. Of course, this all depends on you. You may need to adjust the amount of square footage you need based upon your locational needs and your budgets. Nevertheless, everything is bigger in Texas. We have big houses available here, so you should have no problem finding one to accommodate you and yours.

8. Financing

Of course, before you can purchase a home, you’ll need to figure out how much you qualify for, and how much you can afford. In the current market in DFW, it is essential that you be pre-approved prior to looking for a home because you will not be able to go under contract without a pre-approval letter. If you’re considering buying a new home, but are not sure how much you can afford, we can refer you to one of our favorite lenders who can help you get the right financing option for your next home purchase.

9. Stigma

A stigma is something about the home that makes it less-than-desirable to people. This stigma may or may not bother you, but it could impact you when you go to sell the home. Things that make a home stigmatized include:

  • Water towers nearby.
  • Large church steeples or other objects behind it.
  • Busy street or corner.
  • Near power lines.

Any of these factors can decrease the value of your property, so consider that before buying. The idea is that it’s not necessarily bad to have these stigmas (if it doesn’t bother you), but it is very important to make sure the price you pay is adjusted to allot for the price you will be able to sell it for in the future. A home on a busy corner should be priced lower than a home in the same subdivision, around the same size that is on an interior lot with no traffic. So, it’s okay to buy property that’s stigmatized, so long as you get it for the right price–and the stigma doesn’t bother you.

10. Quality

Certain homes and neighborhoods are higher quality than others. The level of quality you will want in a home depends on your needs and your budget. If you have a very large family, want excellent schools and be close to shopping and entertainment, you may find it beneficial to buy a larger home in a lesser-quality neighborhood. The key is getting the highest quality home that fits your needs and that you can afford.

10 Tips for Organizing Your Garage

garage-storage-2An organized garage makes life easier and more efficient. It just feels better when your garage is organized and your items are easy to find. Not to mention, if your garage is well-organized, you can fit 2 cars in it (or 3 for some of you). Keeping your car in the garage will prolong its life and value. Let’s start by considering the different things most people have in their garages…

  • Assorted Tools
  • Holiday Decorations
  • Surplus Supplies
  • Sports Equipment
  • Garden Tools
  • Boxes of Unused Items
  • Bikes, Skateboards, Strollers

Most only have a 2 car garage, if you’re lucky you may have a few extra feet of space to the side or the back… or possibly a cubby and a closet.

Garage Organization Tools

  • Storage Bins
  • Shelves
  • Cabinets
  • Hooks
  • Peg Board
  • Shoe Rack

Tip 1: Set Aside a Whole Day for the Task

Cleaning out the garage is time a consuming effort, but once it is done your life will be easier and more efficient. Make sure you have plenty of time to go through every item, including every box and every pile of junk.

Tip 2: Recruit Family & Friends for the Job 

Cleaning the garage requires lifting heavy items and installing shelving, etc… You will need a few extra hands around to carry the weight. Make a day of it and be sure to serve refreshing cold drinks and a delicious lunch!

Tip 3: Sort Items

Sort the items in your garage first into 3 piles: Keep, Donate, Toss. Later you will need to organize your items according to use such as lawn equipment, sports equipment, tools, cleaning supplies, etc…

Tip 4: Remove Unused, Broken Items

Once you’ve sorted the items in your garage, decide how you will get rid of the donation items. According to “This Old House,” these items should get the boot: outgrown toys, items that are broken beyond repair, expired household chemicals (which may need special disposal), and anything you haven’t used in two years or more. If you have a hard time letting go of things that have sentimental value, snap pictures as keepsakes. Anything that is damaged or you don’t use anymore should go to the dump. Large pieces of furniture you don’t want anymore can be hauled away by a junk-hauling company such as

Tip 5: Move These Items Out of Garage

Move flammable items like propane tanks out of the garage to prevent a fire hazard. Paint can be ruined if left in high or low temps, so be sure to stow paint in a temp controlled environment. Paper items should not be stored in the garage because these are a magnet for bugs and roaches. Also, find another place for your fridge/freezer if possible. It is a huge energy drain to keep a fridge cool in a hot garage. Also, keep your pet food out of the garage as rodents and other creatures may think you’ve left it for them. At the least, make sure pet food is kept in sealed containers.

Tip 6: Develop a Plan

Create a floorplan of your garage including the dimensions and location of obstacles such as hot water heater and windows. You can take your dimensions to a garage-organization place such as Container Store to get ideas for shelving and storage options.

Tip 7: Install Shelves & Hooks

Most garages don’t come with built-in shelving system, so you may need to install some shelves if you want a clean garage for both of your cars. Ceiling-mounted shelving is very handy and gives much needed room, especially for the standard size garage. You may also want some lower shelves for items you use more often and for stowing your storage bins (see Tip 4). The goal is to keep everything off the floor so there will be plenty of room for your car. A pegboard is also invaluable for hanging lightweight tools, some sporting good, hats, helmets and exercise equipment such as a jump rope.

Tip 8: Purchase Storage Items

It’s better to know the exact number of bins you need and also an idea of where you will place everything. You will need several clear stackable storage bins (Rubbermaid) as well as smaller jars for holding odds and ends, screws and tools. You may also want cabinets without doors. Cabinets with doors give you an excuse for staying disorganized because they hide everything. Cabinets without doors are open, allowing you to see what’s there.

Tip 9: Epoxy the Floor

An antiskid floor coating resists oil stains and wipes clean as easily as a kitchen countertop does—plus the color chips and paint disguise any imperfections

Tip 10: Positioning Your Car

Now that your garage is clean, you have room to park your car! Hang a tennis ball from the ceiling to help you know when you’re in the right spot. Have a glass of lemonade and find a watering hole for summer swimming.





Preparing Your Home for Sale – Expert Staging Tips

By Jenna Ryan, Realtor
REMAX Dallas Suburbs

plano frisco mckinney allen homesThe most important aspect of selling your home is getting your home ready to sale. The more prepared your home is, the higher price you can garner from buyers. As your agent, I will be meeting with you to go over everything on this list to make sure your home is presented in the best possible way.
Luckily we’re in a really good Sellers Market, so your home will likely sell quickly (if it’s priced right). The inconvenience should be relatively brief. If you cannot maintain the items on this list, then we at least need to do these things for the professional photos.

Showing Process

Please see the information in the Showing Process article to understand the different showing options.

Exterior Home Preparation

Curb appeal is the #1 most important aspect of your home. Buyers make a decision as to whether they will consider your home for purchase within the first 30 seconds! This means your front yard must be immaculate.

  • Remove all knick knacks and doodads from the front yard. Anything other than shrubs, plants and flowers takes attention off your property. We want your home to be the showcase, not your birdhouses, birdbaths, flags and furniture.
  • Sweep the front porch, remove all debris and clutter.
  • Add a wreath on the front door and a welcome mat for dirty feet.
  • Add a potted plant with fresh, seasonal flowers for a pop of color and welcoming front entrance.
  • Remove all cars that don’t run. Park cars you don’t use away from your home.
  • Remove anything in the front yard that distracts from your home or destructs the view.
  • Have your landscapers trim the shrubs, replace missing shrubs and plant seasonal color.
  • Clean out flower beds. Replace missing shrubs.
  • Replace rotted wood.
  • If there is missing mortar, have a handyman fill it in.
  • Replace light bulbs. Remember, buyers will drive by your house at different times, so keep it fresh.
  • Neatly roll-up and hide garden hoses.
  • Rake leaves.
  • Have yard mowed and edged more often during the sales process.
  • Fill in missing areas of grass. Water well to get your yard looking its best.
  • Stain fence if it’s needed. Fix broken fence gates. replace missing boards in fence.
  • Replace damaged gutters. Make sure gutters look clean and neat.
  • Trim trees away from roof. Shape trees for a manicured look.


  • Clean the backyard–it is very important to have a neat, clean backyard as well as side yards.
  • Replace broken and missing boards on fence.
  • Trim trees, mow grass, repair damaged gutters.
  • Replace rotting wood, fix missing mortar, afix loose wires.
  • Remove mixed-matched furniture and broken patio furniture.
  • Think of your patio as an outdoor room.

Interior Home Preparation

We’re likely going to ask you to remove a lot of the items you presently have in your home. We do this because we want to showcase your home and make it look larger than life. We recommend that you do one of the following with your excess stuff:

  1. Put the stuff neatly in the garage in boxes.
  2. Put the stuff in a storage facility.
  3. Start moving out now. 🙂

Might as well start moving! We’re going to sell your house, so start saying goodbye and getting your stuff packed away… Your stuff is awesome and we know it is very sentimental to you… However, we want buyers to focus on your property, not your personal items. We want to see themselves living there, and too much stuff will get in the way, distract the buyer and could cause your home to sell for less money.


Wonderful kitchens sell homes, so we want to make your kitchen look as spacious and beautiful as possible. Even if you don’t have upgrades, following these procedures will help buyers choose your home over those homes that aren’t properly staged.

plano real estate agents plano real estate

Clean the kitchen as well as possible. Buyers are looking closely at your home to see if its been well maintained. Nothing turns buyers off faster than filth, dirt and clutter.


  • Remove ALL ITEMS from countertops. Nothing should be on top of the counters, this includes toaster ovens, coffee makers, cell phone chargers, dishes, decor items, food stuffs, spices, etc…
  • Remove ALL DECORATIONS on top of the countertops including ivy, doo dads and knick knacks.
  • Clean baseboards and use touch-up paint where necessary.


  • Clean out the pantry. Remove food you don’t need–put in box in the garage.
  • Organize the pantry.
  • Make sure the trash is removed daily.
  • Remove clutter in the pantry.

Breakfast Room

homes in plano real estate plano
  • Clean table except for one simple plant or arrangement in the center.
  • Sweep and mop the floors.
  • Remove all clutter.

Living Room

The secret for creating an appealing Living Room for buyers is to think in terms of space. The illusion of space can be created by removing clutter, small items, doodads and knick knacks.

plano realtors real estate plano
  • Remove all personal photos. We want the buyer to feel as if they live there. Too many personal items make it difficult for the buyers and can distract them. We want buyers to see your home, not your personal items.
  • Remove decorations and clutter.
  • Vacuum carpets, vacuum the sofa, add throw pillows if you have some.
  • Clear the coffee table.

Dining Room

  • If your dining room is a dining room and you have china, set the table.
  • Remove 50% of the clutter in the dining room.
  • Remove knick knacks, clutter, excess furniture that you don’t need.
  • If you’re not using the Dining Room as a Dining Room, then remove the furniture, junk & clutter.
  • If you’re using the Dining Room as a living area, make sure the area is set up properly.

Game Room

  • If you have a pool table, set the pool table like you’re going to play a game. This is welcoming.
  • Clear the media room. Organize movies, games, etc.
  • Remove excess furniture. We want the room to appear spacious as possible.

Master Bedroom

Staging your master bedroom can help you sell your home for more money than without staging.

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  • Make the bed. VERY IMPORTANT!
  • Remove personal photos.
  • Clean the room–remove clutter.
  • Remove all laundry, clothing, un-used exercise equipment, books, excess furniture.
  • The bed should be the focal point of the room.
  • Make everything uniform on both sides of the bed. (ie: matching lamps, nightstands).

Master Bathroom

The Master Bath and the Kitchen are the primary spots that interest buyers in your home. Make sure you get this room ready so buyers will be unable to resist paying top dollar for your property.

Dallas Real Estate Agents Realtors in Plano
dfw homes for sale homes in plano
  • Remove ALL ITEMS from countertops.
  • Remove rugs.
  • Fix broken faucets, replace old faucets.
  • Touch-up paint where needed.
  • Clean tubs, toilet, showers, walls, floors and countertops.
  • Remove shampoo, soap, cleansers – Place these under cabinet during sales process.
  • Hang new or extremely clean towels on towel bars.
  • Keep toilet clean and lid closed.
  • Clear the closet as much as possible. Stow unused purses, belts, shoes, clothes in box in garage.
  • The buyer only sees the way it is not the way its going to be!


  • Buyers will open all the doors of your home and peer in your closets. It is vital that you declutter your closets by stowing unused items in boxes in the garage.
  • Start moving out of your home! Get all the debris out of the closets. This can cause someone NOT TO BUY your home.
  • Clear out cabinets & closets.


  • Use touch up paint to cover any smudges, scuff marks and nail holes.
  • Repair any cracks from settlement or previous foundation work.
  • Touch up the trim with fresh white paint.
  • You should have few pictures and decor on the walls. The typical limit is one large picture per room,
    with some exceptions.


  • Remove ALL RUGS from the floors. Rugs make your home look smaller. Remove all throw rugs.
  • If the stagers strategically position a rug in your home, it is okay to leave it.
  • If the rug is large and has furniture on it, don’t worry about moving it.
  • Clean all floors until they are sparkling.
  • Get carpets cleaned, but make sure you use a dry-foam system as normal carpet shampooing causes a mildew smell and can highlight latent pet odors.

Kids Stuff

  • If you have a designated playroom for your kids, organize it to a tee.
  • Remove excess kids toys, clothes, strollers, highchairs.
  • Store kids stuff in a hidden place while the home is for sale.
  • As soon as the home is under contract, you can relax and your kids can run wild again. (haha)
  • Clean children’s bathroom. Organize. Remove excess toys, etc…
  • Clean children’s rooms. Remove excess toys–stow in box in garage.

Teen Rooms

We need the teens to bare with us through the sales process! We know teen boys can be messy and girls can be so busy they have no time to stay organized. During the sale of your home, however, we need as much cooperation as we can get… So try. Please try. 🙂

  • Remove all excess items, furniture, clothes, stuffed-animals, high-school mums, trophies, photos, momentos, etc… to the garage in neat boxes.
  • Keep room clean.
  • MAKE THE BED each morning during the sales process.

Junk Rooms

If you’re like 90% of home owners, you likely have a room (or a few rooms) in your home which serve as
a “catch-all” place for all the items that won’t fit anywhere else. Much of the stuff in these areas can be donated… in the event that your junk room has things you want to keep, please pack the stuff away in boxes and stow in the garage. We do not want any unusable rooms in your home. Every room much show to function in a useful way.


  • Please pack away your prized possessions, and collections (if possible). We don’t want anything larger than a hand showing in the photos.
  • Remove all guns, jewelry, valuables from your home during the selling phase.

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How to Choose a Ceiling Fan for Your Home

Fresh, New & Classic

Fresh, New & Classic Ceiling Fan Upgrade

By Jenna Ryan, Realtor 2014

Ceiling fans, light fixtures, chandeliers and sconces are very important for any home as they keep us cool and illuminate our living space. Home buyers today are most interested in properties with upgraded light fixtures and ceiling fans.

If you’re selling your home or plan to sell in the future, it’s a good idea to take a look at your existing ceiling fans and light fixtures to ensure that such items are updated. It’s amazing what a big difference updated accessories can do for your home. Most importantly, when you have upgraded ceiling fans, overhead lights and doorknobs, you can get more money for your home and sell it more quickly.

Upgrades like ceiling fans and lights are one of the easiest, most inexpensive way to add to the perceived value of your home. Spending a few hundred dollars on new ceiling fans can end up making you money on the sale of your home in the long run. It is DEFINITELY worth the upgrade cost when selling your home.

Just say NO to the outdated ceiling fan

Just say NO to the outdated ceiling fan

Now that I’ve convinced you to upgrade your ceiling fans and light fixtures, you may be wondering which kind you should get. I recommend going to Home Depot to select the fan you want. The fans at Home Depot are high quality and are in line with the preferences people have in homes they buy.

  • Stick with the most general fan as possible. Don’t try to get creative with a ceiling fan unless you have a specific purpose. If you opt for a modern version, potential buyers may prefer traditional style; so it’s best to go as generic as possible without looking cheap.
  • Match the other fixtures in your home. If there are other fixtures in your home that are updated, then you will want to match the fan to the existing fixtures that already updated. The goal is to seamlessly blend the ceiling fan in with the other aspects of the home.
  • Get the same types of fans consistently throughout the home. Don’t buy different kinds of fans for every room in the house unless you are decorating for yourself or have some special purpose. This doesn’t mean you need to put a heavy duty fan in every room like you do the den, but rather, install different levels of the same type of fan with the same blade color and light style.
  • Buy fans that match the price level of home. Buy fans that fit in with the home in terms of quality and materials. If your home is under $200,000 you can get away with an inexpensive fan. If your home is over $500,000, you will need a fan with more speeds, features and an upscale look. Buying a $1000 ceiling fan for a home that’s worth $100,000 would be overkill. Keep the fan style in line with the level of your home.
  • Buy fans with neutral, natural colors. Fans come in all shapes and sizes, just as our preferences do. You can get a colored fan, a white fan, a modern fan a painted fan, however, it is best to stick with what people are used to seeing and what they prefer. Most people want fans that are dark in color (faux wood) with modest lighting.
  • Install fans with aged iron or brushed metal trim. Steer clear of shiny gold trim whenever possible. Gold trim is a product of the 1980s that people are no longer wanting. Having gold anywhere in your house can lessen its perceived value including doorknobs, light fixtures, faucets and ceiling fans. Replacing these items is inexpensive and will pay you back in the eventual sales price of your home. Silver, copper, bronze, black trim is much preferred by today’s home buyer.

Replacing outdated fans, lights and hardware in your home is a great way to increase the perceived value without spending a lot of money. The best place to go is Home Depot with many different options. You can install the fan yourself or have a handyman or electrician do it. No matter what, make sure your ceiling fans live up to the beauty of your home. Please, especially if I’m listing it for you. 🙂

Multiple Offers – First Day on Market

home for sale carrolltonI’m excited to announce my latest success story. These Sellers were originally FSBO. I contacted them last Friday, met with them on Sunday, got their house on the MLS on Monday, had multiple offers by Tuesday… under contract by Wednesday.

We’re now in the inspection phase and everything is looking good to close at the end of October. They are getting list price for their home and the process has been smooth and comfortable for them.

When you price your home just right, position it properly and arrange for professional assistance, the process of selling your home goes off (generally) without a hitch. It’s so nice that my clients have me to rely on to manage the sale of their home.

They’re happy they don’t have to go fishing for every little answer. They have the feeling of security knowing that someone who does this all the time, someone who is a successful Realtor is there to help cover their bases. They don’t have to worry about a thing.

These particular clients had a time preference. They’re actually moving this weekend! We got the house under contract in a beautifully orchestrated effort. This is how it is supposed to be… Easy, efficient, full price offers.

The market is incredible. If you have a nice home and your home is priced right, and you are represented by a reputable agent, your home shouldn’t take that long to sell. The best homes are selling in weeks (this is in all price ranges under $2 Million). The market is hot–if your home is not selling fast, it means there is a problem, even if you’re not in a hurry, the market is. That’s another article…

So I just wanted to share this good news with you. I’d love to talk to you about helping you to sell your home quickly, without hassle and for list price. Call me, I’ll come out and personally share my unique strategies with you. What do you have to lose?

Fall Home Maintenance Tips

Fall Home Maintenance TipsFall is here, time for the leaves to turn and sunny days to get shorter. In addition to raking the leaves, you will also want to handle routine yearly maintenance around your home. Remember, taking good care of your home while living there will help you to sell it at top dollar when it comes time to move, so be sure to read these tips and keep your home in tip-top shape.

1. Check for Peeling Paint.

Inspect the exterior of your home for blistering or peeling paint. Lower humidity and cooler (not yet cold) temperatures make fall a good time to paint the exterior of your home.

2. Clean the Gutters

After leaves have fallen, clean out the gutters and downspouts, flush them with water, inspect joints, and tighten brackets if necessary. Make sure all drainage areas are unblocked by leaves and debris. Consider installing gutter guards to make the job a lot easier.

3. Caulk & Weatherstrip the Windows & Doors

Use a screwdriver to probe the wood trim around windows, doors, railings and decks. Use caulk to fill the holes or completely replace the wood. Caulking and weather stripping around windows and doorframes to prevent heat from escaping thus improving the energy efficiency of your home. Openings in the structure can cause water to get in and freeze, resulting in cracks and mold buildup.

4. Inspect the Roof

Inspect your roof, or hire a licensed professional to examine your roof for wear and tear. If the shingles are curling, buckling or crackling, replace them. If you have a lot of damage, it may be time to replace the entire roof. Also, check the flashing around skylights, pipes and chimneys. If you have any leaks or gaps, snow and ice will find its way in.

5. Ready Your Fireplace

Have your fireplace inspected, cleaned and repaired to prevent chimney fires and carbon monoxide poisoning.

6. Seal the Driveway

Inspect your driveway for cracks. Clean out and repair any damage with driveway filler, then coat with a commercial sealer. Sealing the driveway now will help extend the life of the asphalt through the winter and beyond.

7. Reverse the Ceiling Fan

Change the direction of your ceiling fan to create an upward draft that redistributes warm air from the ceiling. Clean your humidifiers regularly during the heating season. Bacteria and spores can develop in a dirty water tank resulting in unclean moisture misting out into your room.

8. Cover Air Conditioners

Vacuum internal parts of air conditioners. Remove units from windows or wrap the outside box with an approved tarp or plastic air conditioner cover, like this one from Frontgate, to prevent rusting of vital parts.

9. Check Foundation

Check your foundation for any cracks. Make sure the soil is kept moist around the foundation, even in the Fall (in Texas). Check interior walls for cracks which could point to a deeper foundation issue.

10. Prepare Your Yard & Garden

Clear leaves from lawn, reseed patchy areas, and plant spring flowering bulbs. Drain garden hoses and store them inside. Fertilize the lawn with a high phosphorous mix to ensure healthy grass in the spring. Make sure all soil is emptied from pots and planters. Dirt left in clay pots will freeze and cause the pots to crack if left outside. Trim dead branches out the trees to prevent them from coming down and causing damage in a winter storm.

10 Tips for Making Your Home Smell Amazing

dfw real estateBy Jenna Ryan, Realtor 2014
(c) All Rights Reserved

Whether you’re selling your home, just moving in or just need a breath of fresh air, these 10 Tips will come in handy. There are many issues that can effect the smell of your home, including smoke, cooking, pets, mold, toxins, fungus, bacteria–that can leave your home down right stinky. Make your home smell like a model home with these tried-and-true tips:

1.Open Your Windows

Nothing makes a home smell better as well as infusing it with fresh air. Air-out your home regularly by opening the windows to remove stale air.

2.Clean Your Home

Bacteria smells, so cleaning it will help. Clean your home using deodorizers and germ killers for best results.

3.Shampoo Carpet

Having your carpets professionally cleaned is a great way to remove odors and bacteria. If you have pet odors, however, shampooing may not be enough to remove the smell entirely, but will help.

4. Plug-Ins

Plug-ins are a great, inexpensive way to spruce up the odor of your home. Buy several plug-ins from Wal-Mart and place in strategic locations around your house.

5. Candles

Candles are a way to spruce up the smell of your home, but are usually only good for as long as they are burning. If your home is being showed and you’re not there, the candles may not work as well.

6. Potpourri

You can find a dozen different fragrances of potpourri to place around your home that also serves as interior decoration, just be sure to replenish it often so it doesn’t lose it’s smell.

7. Use Baking Soda

Sprinkle baking soda on your carpets to remove odors.

8. Wash with Vinegar

Vinegar removes smoke odor. Put a bowl of vinegar out in your home, and wash your walls and cabinets with vinegar to remove smokey residue.

9. Use Car Deodorizer

Used car dealers know how to make an old car smell like new, and we can borrow some tricks of the trade with special odor removing chemicals that works like a charm. Try The Bad Air Sponge, or a similar product.

10. Bake Cookies

Baking cookies can give your home a welcoming aroma. This is a great idea if you’re home is up for sale as a way to entice potential buyers with all their senses.

Looking to buy or sell real estate in DFW? Contact Dallas Realtor, Jenna Ryan.

10 Ways to Know the Tire Kickers from Real Buyers

tire-kickers2Tire Kickers waste time and energy. They lead you on, make you think they want to buy your home, only to lead you to wishful thinking. Who has time for that? Nobody. The key is–knowing the difference. How do you know the difference between a Tire Kicker and a Real Buyer? These are the tell-tell signs that I’ve learned as an experienced Realtor who specializes in helping For Sale By Owners sell their homes with the highest net possible. Today I’m going to share what I know with you, for free. Make sure you read the entire article, and click on the link below to read the whole thing:

1. Real Buyers Buy Right Away.

It has been my experience that when a buyer likes a property, they buy it. Buyers are educated. They know that they will lose out on the best properties if they don’t make a quick decision. Prospective buyers who tell you they, “Love the home and may be putting in an offer” without doing it immediately are very likely tire kickers. If someone loves a house, they don’t waste any time. They snatch it up quickly. They write an offer that day.

2. Real Buyers are Pre-Qualified.

A buyer who is serious about buying a home will be pre-qualified. If not, you’re taking a serious chance if you’re relying on them to buy your home. Getting qualified for a mortgage these days is not easy. You need near perfect credit and very steady income. Lots of people wish they could qualify for a home and will waste your time “pretending” that your home can be theirs, only to leave you empty handed when they can’t get financing.

3. Real Buyers Know What They Want.

A real buyer will have a set agenda. They know what they want and they won’t buy until they find it. If someone wants 3 bedrooms, that’s pretty solid. They may adjust their desires on small things, but some of the larger items like bedrooms, pool, garage will be nonnegotiable. They will likely have already searched for a home in the marketplace and know what’s out there. Rarely does a buyer buy the first home they come across. Buying a home takes time, and considerable research. If a prospective buyer seems wishy-washy, uncertain or undecided, you know the chances of selling to that person is slim–no matter how wishful you are that they’re the ones to buy it.

4. Real Buyers Don’t Nit Pic.

As a general rule, a person who is nit picking your home is not going to buy it. People usually buy homes they fall in love with, not homes that need to be fixed-up, unless it’s an investor or flipper. If the prospective buyer starts pointing out every little flaw in your home, 9 times out of 10, you can kiss them goodbye. Don’t let nit pickiness bother you… They’re usually just tire kickers who want to find fault in the home they don’t want.

5. Real Buyers Want to See It Immediately.

A true buyer of your home is not going to want to wait a week or two to see it. Someone in “Buyer Mode” is going to want to see the home right away. If someone is casual about viewing your home, chances are, no sale. People ready to buy are ready to buy immediately–they don’t have time to mess around. Trust me on this one. If there is no urgency, the chances are slim.

6. Real Buyers Keep Their Word.

Tire kickers are flaky. They say they’ll come to see your house at such and such time, then call an hour ahead to say they can’t make it. They tell you they’re sending you an offer, then you never receive it. They don’t answer their phone. They come up with excuses. They hem and they haw. That’s to be expected from someone who is not very serious. Real Buyers who are serious about your home will keep their word and go out of their way to earn your trust.

7. Real Buyers Don’t Have to Think About It.

Oftentimes when working with former “For Sale By Owner” clients, I find that they always have a “interested buyer” waiting in the wings. Unfortunately, what they don’t realize is that buyers don’t wait in the wings. Buyers buy. Buyers buy immediately. Sure, some tire kickers will lead you on, but if it’s a real buyer, the most they will think about it is overnight. When it comes to investing in a home, people know what they want and they pounce on it like a cat on tuna.

8. Real Buyers Have a Realtor.

I know some of you will argue with me on this one, but most of the time, a Real Buyer will have a real estate agent. Few people are brave enough to buy a home without the help of a professional. It’s akin to representing yourself in a lawsuit involving hundreds of thousands of dollars. There are too many mistakes that can be made and buying a home is a huge investment–there is little room for error. A Real Buyer will likely have an agent who is advising them and who has pre-qualified them to buy. You are on thin ice if you trust a prospective buyer who does not have a Realtor.

9. Real Buyers Love Your Home.

You can always tell a Real Buyer from a tire kicker. How? By the expression on their face and the tone of their voice. They just have a real knowing about them. They love your home. So, it’s backed-up to a railroad track. What railroad track? A buyer who loves your home simply won’t give it much thought. A Real Buyer lets you know they love your home by being extremely happy and taking quick action to secure it before anyone else does.

10. Real Buyers Don’t Need to Keep Coming to See the House.

As strange as it may sound, Real Buyers don’t need to keep coming back to see the house. If someone is requesting a 3rd showing, BEWARE THE TIRE KICKER. Real Buyers just don’t do that. They may see the home two times at the most, then after they’re under contract, they’ll see it again, and at the most a 4th time. Anyone wanting to repeatedly come to see your house is just needing attention, not a home. Show them the door.

There you have it! 10 Ways to Know the Tire Kickers from the Real Buyers. I’ve given you all this information for FREE, out of the kindness of my heart. I hope that shows you that I have your best interests at heart. Should you find the need to hire a Realtor to help you sell your home, I hope that you will call me. I would love to share more tips with you. Call 972-510-9177 or email Talk to ya soon!

If you want more tips for selling your home, email me. I will put you on my email list.

10 Tips for Pricing Your Home

10 tips for pricing your homeBy Jenna Ryan, Realtor
REMAX Dallas Suburbs
August 2014

Pricing your home is one of the most important steps to getting the most money possible from the sale. An overpriced home will not sell, no matter how good the market is. At the same time, you don’t want to price your home too low–there’s no sense in throwing money away.

1. Price Your Home to Sell

It’s generally thought that you should price your home higher than you’re really wanting to get from the buyer. While this tactic works in nearly every other sale/purchase scenario, it doesn’t work this way in housing, especially in the current DFW marketplace.

People are accustomed to paying list price for homes, especially those under $500,000, and will often shy away from making an offer on a home that is priced too high, for fear they’ll be rejected. It is highly advised that you price your home at the amount you’re wanting to get, and not higher.

2. Price Your Home to Sell Quickly

It’s best to price your home to sell quickly–in the current market, especially for homes under $300,000, your home should sell in a week to 30 days. Any longer than this on the market, buyers will start getting suspicious that there is something wrong with your property and pass it up.

Some agents won’t even show homes that are on the market over 30-45 days. Don’t leave your home out there with a high price tag. Statistics show that homes that sell faster net more than those that are on the market for a long time.

3. Price Your Home in Line with Comparable Sales

You want to price your home to line up with comparable sales, NOT current listed properties in your neighborhood. Why? Because homes that are for sale right now are not yet sold–and are an unreliable source of data for area home sales.

You also want to make sure that the comparable properties you are considering are actually comparable to your home from an appraisal standpoint. This means that the homes are within no more than 200 sq. ft. difference from your home (higher or lower), and that there are similar features such as number of bedrooms, bathrooms and garage spaces. You also want to find homes that have similar features such as large lot, upgrades and swimming pools.

4. Don’t Use Zillow As for Comparables

Zillow is a very useful website, however, it generates it’s pricing analysis automatically and is therefore not often accurate. Zillow can’t take into account the nuances in the marketplace the way that a CMA (Comparable Market Analysis) from a professional real estate agent can. In fact, I have found in my real estate practice that Zillow often gives lower estimated price points than the market will bare.

5. Keep the Appraisal in Mind

Many people price their homes high without considering the appraisal. If there are no comparable sales of homes in your area that are priced as high as you want for your home, then you will have difficulties with the appraisal. People will rarely pay more than appraised value for a home, unless there are extraordinary circumstances. This is why it’s so important to have a professional REALTOR help you to price your home accurately, to prevent problems with the appraisal. You want to go to the closing table, not renegotiate the contract once the appraisal comes back low.

6. Be Realistic About the Condition of Your Home

You want to be realistic about the condition of your home. If your home is not updated, and you’re selling in an area where comparable homes have updates (ie: granite, wood floors, new appliances), then you have difficulty getting top dollar. That’s okay. It is often easier to price your home according to its current condition than it is to go do a bunch of updates. That is, price the home at the point to where the buyer can afford to get the updates and not be upside down upon purchase. In some cases, new appliances, paint and light fixtures may be worth your investment to do before you sell. This is something your Realtor can help you determine.

7. Be Prepared to Lower the Price, Just in Case

When you put your home on the market, the goal is to get the best price possible. Sometimes market conditions are difficult to determine, and your home ends up not selling for the listed price. When your home is getting a ton of showings, but no offers, this is a huge flashing red sign saying, (((The Price is too High))). If your home is not getting any showings at all and the market is hot, hot, hot… this is another flashing red sign saying, (((The Price is too High))). Sometimes adjusting the price by just $5,000 can bring the offers you’re expecting. An overpriced home will not sell, no matter how good the market is.

8. Adjust the Price of Your Home By Features

Certain features will greatly increase the value of your home. A home with a nice pool that has been well maintained can fetch up to $10-20,000 more depending on the area and price point of your home.

9. Price According to Pockets.

This is a great tip that Realtors live by… that is to price your home according to “pockets”. Think about it. When an agent or home buyer does a search for a property, they generally have a price point in mind.

For example: people are generally qualified for homes up to $150,000 or $250,000, $350,000, $450,000 and higher. You want to position your home as the “HERO” of the market so you can beat out the competition.

If you price your home at $355,000, then many people who are looking for homes up-to $350,000 will not see your home at all. Plus, your home will be competing with all the homes in the $350-$400,000 market which means yours may look puny compared to more expensive homes in that bracket. Try to stay under the greatest pocket you can.

10. Consider the Psychological Value of 9

There is a reason we go to the store and see things for $9.99. Why? It works! Even though an item priced at $9.99 is relatively the same as $10.00, $9.99 just sounds cheaper–right? Same goes for your home. Don’t price it for $450,000–it’s better to price it at $449,900. This is only $100 difference and sounds much more appealing to buyers. It can help you get an edge over a comparable home for sale that’s not aware of the psychological power of using 9 in the price point.

There you have it! 10 Tips for Pricing Your Home. There are many other factors that need to be considered when pricing your home, as there are many varied home types, areas, subdivisions and stigmas. The very best way to price your home is to get a Certified Market Analysis from a professional Realtor. I am personally available to assist you. Contact me any time to set up your Free Consultation. 972-510-9177. I am happy to help you to price your home, whether you choose to list with me or not. Talk to ya soon!

Sold! Home in Flower Mound

Beautiful Home I just secured for my clients in Flower Mound, TX. This home is located in prestigious Rustic Timbers. We close next week!!! My clients are happy, happy, happy!!! I had to jump through hoops of fire on this one. Unbelievable competition for this home. We won!!! Give me a call if you are looking to buy or sell in DFW!!!

We're sorry, but we couldn't find MLS # 12155830 in our database. This property may be a new listing or possibly taken off the market. Please check back again.

How the Repairs Paragraph changed

Real Estate Handyman
05/19/2014 | Author: Editorial Staff

The Texas Real Estate Commission recently approved many forms changes that take effect June 1. Here are changes to the Repairs Paragraph that affect the One to Four Family Residential Contract (Resale) (TAR 1601, TREC 20-12), Unimproved Property Contract (TAR 1607, TREC 9-11), New Home Contract (Completed Construction) (TAR 1604, TREC 24-13), Farm and Ranch Contract (TAR 1701, TREC 25-10), and Residential Condominium Contract (Resale) (TAR 1605, TREC 30-11).

Paragraph 7F: Completion of Repairs
The seller will be required to use someone who is licensed to perform a repair or service—unless the buyer and seller agree otherwise in writing. If the type of repair doesn’t require a license (e.g., roofing), the seller will be required to use someone who is commercially engaged in that repair business—unless the buyer and seller agree otherwise in writing.

This change does not mean that no seller can ever use an unlicensed handyman for electrical repairs. It means that absent a written agreement between the buyer and seller to use that unlicensed handyman for electrical repairs, the seller must use a licensed electrician.

Also, the time to extend the contract for repairs was shortened from 15 days to 5 days.

See all the changes TREC approved as well as more changes the commission has proposed at

05/19/2014 | Author: Editorial Staff

Gehan Homes Prosper

gehan-homes-prosperGehan Homes is building in Prosper, TX at Lakes of La Cima,

Lakes of LaCima
2111 Arbol Way
Prosper, TX 75078
Call 972-510-9177

Update 3/29/2014:
3 homes in Lakes of LaCima for April 2014 closing for the $390’s-450’s.

2 two-story homes ranging from 3500 to 3800 sf.

Also, 1.5 story at 2960 sf.  Great homes!

Tell them Jenna Ryan, Realtor sent you from The Marketing!!!

8 Tips for How to Handle Multiple Offers

multiple offersFrom

1. Unless the seller says not to bring offers under a certain price, you must present all written offers, no matter how unattractive.

2. Present all offers promptly. Don’t sit on an offer because a better one might come along.

3. Present offers in the order they were submitted to the listing broker.

TIP: If you represent buyers making one of several offers for a property, encourage the buyers to make their best offer before the offers are presented to the seller. They may not get a second chance.

4. Make sure all salespeople and buyers understand your procedure for handling multiple offers. Inform them all that theirs is not the only offer.

5. Present multiple offers with all parties present, unless the seller requests otherwise, and provide all parties with the same information.

6. Equate all offers in understandable terms. Price is not the only consideration. Discount points, settlement dates, downpayment amounts, contingency clauses, financing provisions, and repair allowances can tip the scales.

Keep It Legal

Some states have specific forms for attaching offers and counteroffers to the contract. Check with your local REALTOR® board.

7. Select one offer to counter and hold the others as backups if negotiations fall through.

8. Keep each salesperson and buyer informed at all stages of the process.

Portions adapted from “How to Handle Multiple Offers to Purchase,” Leigh-Alexandra Basha, Northern Virginia REALTOR®, April 10, 1989

Preparing for Your Home Inspection

dallas home inspectionsWhen selling your home, the potential buyers will buy time through the Option Period to inspect the home. Buyers will hire a licensed home inspector who will come to your home and comb over it from top to bottom. The goal of the inspector is to find something wrong with the house. Chances are, even if your home is very well maintained, the inspector will find issues with your home. These tips will help you to prepare for the inspection to ensure a smooth transaction.

1. Check your HVAC

It’s good to have your A/C serviced once per year. If it’s been over a year, it’s a good idea to have someone out to check your system. Many heating and cooling companies offer low-priced preventative maintenance inspections – costing on average between $60 and $100 – in which they’ll clean your HVAC unit and replace your air filter. Make sure the A/C is in working condition, as well as clean inside and out.

A maintenance inspection should include checking the motor, blower, drain line, coils, operating pressures and temperatures, the return and supply lines, refrigerant levels, and connections.
Any issues should be addressed and fixed, if possible.

2. Hot Water Heater

This is an easy thing to do that comes up in most inspection reports. Clean out the drip pan to keep it from being a ding against your home during the inspection.

3. Calking

Make sure your home is calked inside to seal any open spaces in existing calking. This gives the appearance of a well maintained home and is a good practice.

4. Weather Stripping

Make sure that the weather stripping on all doors and windows is positioned properly. Replace missing stripping. Essential Guide to Weather Stripping.

5. Trees

Make sure trees are trimmed back away from the roof and have damage fixed that the trees may have caused. If you do this right before you put your house on the market, save the receipt to provide to the new buyer.

6. Landscaping & Sprinklers

Make sure the dirt is not too high on the foundation. Your foundation needs to breathe and having too much dirt around the foundation can be detrimental to the health of your house. Also check the sprinklers around your home. Have faulty sprinkler heads replaced and fix any leaks in your yard.

7. Gutters

Clean out the gutters around your home. Replace damaged gutters. Consider installing gutters if water pools near the front door.

8. Siding & Wood Trim

Replace or repair any damaged siding and/or rotted wood around your home.

9. Fence

Make sure the fence gates are in good working order. Replace any missing boards in the fence. Fix the gate if it is automatic and not working. Replacing the fence is often not necessary.

10. Faucets

Check all faucets to make sure there are no leaks. If you find leaks, have it repaired by a licensed plumber.

11. Foundation

There is really not much you can do to prepare your foundation for the inspection, other than to provide documentation of all previous work done to your foundation to the buyers for the inspection. It’s easier if the inspector has access to all foundation documentation to make proper assessment of the condition. You may also want to make sure the foundation is not over exposed or under exposed with dirt as this often comes up in inspection reports.

12. Appliances

Check all appliances and make sure all is in working order, including trash compactors, ovens, ranges, garbage disposals and anything else you can think of.

13. Electrical

Make sure all outlets are in working order, all ceiling fans are working and all light bulbs are replaced.

Once the inspection is completed (takes generally about 2-4 hours), typically the Seller will receive a list of items that the Buyer wants addressed in the form of a Repair Amendment. At that time the Seller can decide which–if any–items he/she wants to repair to facilitate the sale. Checking and repairing these items in advance helps move the process along and leaves a better impression with your buyers during the option period.

Home for Sale in Bryan Place

Home for Sale in Bryan Place

Home for Sale in Bryan Place

1508 Villars Street – Bryan Place – Dallas, TX

Bryan Place gem located in the heart of downtown Dallas. This 2BR, 2.5BA patio home boasts vaulted ceilings, oversized garage, patio & brick fireplace. Recently updated with new appliances, fresh paint, tile, and decorative lighting. Fantastic master bathroom, walk-in closets, radiant barrier & high-grade insulation, foundation and termite inspection clear. Close to downtown, Vickery Park, Deep Ellum and all major DFW highways. You will love it!

See full listing… 1508 Villars Street, Dallas, TX 75204

Home for Sale in Bryan Place
listed by Jenna Ryan, Realtor
REMAX Dallas Suburbs