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10 Reasons to Love Frisco, Texas

10 Reasons Why I Love FriscoAs a Frisco Realtor in the North Dallas area, I am often asked why places like Plano, McKinney, Allen and Frisco are great places to live. I feel that each of these cities have unique offerings, that is, reasons why they are ideal for living, loving and raising a family. Frisco happens to be my city of choice for the past 10 years, so I decided to write this article giving you the top 10 Reasons to Love Frisco, Texas. Please leave a comment to let me know if you agree, or if you have something to add.

1. Frisco is New

Everything is new in Frisco. It’s all clean, new and spacious. All the stores (at least in West Frisco where I live) are all new, all the restaurants, schools and roads are new, everything is new, new, new. New always has a cleaner, fresher feel than old, don’t you think? Check out these Frisco Neighborhoods!

2. Frisco is Safe & Quiet

The crime rate in Frisco is very low. At night there is hardly anything going on in the streets. There is no mixed-use zoning, so residential areas are residential areas. There is some commercial places, pubs and bars, but those are in a central location away from the homes. Everything is spread out and it’s very peaceful in Frisco. That’s one reason I love it, the peaceful, safe, quiet atmosphere–and less traffic! Interested in moving to Frisco? Check out these Frisco Home Builders!

3. Everything you need is right in one place.

I love Frisco because everything you need is very close. If you want to have a nice dinner, you don’t have to drive far. Frisco has great places with people from around the neighborhoods… or if you want to be really daring and *venture out* you can enjoy yourself at the Shops of Legacy in Plano. Want to know what homes are for sale in Frisco? Check out these Frisco MLS Listings!

4. People are cool in Frisco

The people in Frisco are clean, yuppy types. The people who live in Frisco are raising their families, enjoying their lives just like everyone else. It’s mostly a family-type atmosphere in Frisco, which can be a little challenging if you’re single, but still, the people are middle-class and classy. Wow, there are a lot of Fun things to do in Frisco!

5. Schools are Excellent in Frisco

The schools in Frisco are what gives Frisco perhaps its biggest draw for families. There is a smaller student/teacher ratio, giving kids the best shot at learning. Most of the schools are ranked Exemplary, with a few, such as Lonestar High School being recognized. Families flock to Frisco to get their kids enrolled in the best schools for a strong education. Interested to know about the quality of education in Frisco? Check out this info on Frisco Schools!

6. Affordability

Frisco is affordable compared to North Dallas or Plano, generally. This may be changing, however, as people flock to Frisco for all its amenities. The prices are leveling out as people are moving farther North beyond Frisco to Melissa, Celina and Prosper. Generally, however, you can find more home for less money in Frisco than you can in Plano. Take a Frisco New Home Builder Tour with Jenna Ryan, Realtor!

7. Easy Access to Highways

While Frisco (especially West where I live) may be a little farther down the tollway than you’re used to, it’s pretty cool because for one, there is no traffic North of 121 and second because it’s easy to hop on the Tollway from anywhere in Frisco. Just a few lights and viola!

8. Entertainment Venues

The entertainment venues in Frisco make it more like a mini-Dallas than anything. Frisco has it’s own baseball team and baseball stadium, the FC Dallas soccer team practices and plays here at the FC Stadium, we have our own hockey rink and hockey team… It’s like a mini city within the bigger city of Dallas. Our concert venue attracts big names and concerts such as the yearly Jimmy Buffet tailgating party and EdgeFest among others.

9. Close to Action Frisco is close with all the *action* of the Metroplex.

Within minutes you can be in McKinney, Allen, Plano, Richardson, Dallas, downtown, Carrollton, Farmers Branch, Lewisville, the airport, Coppell, Irving… Everything is so near! You are really at the center of it all when you’re in Frisco, TX!

10. Community Atmosphere

Frisco offers a community environment with lots of opportunities to socialize and meet friends. From Bunko groups to parties to wine tastings to fine dining, meeting friends is pretty easy in Frisco. People are super-friendly and welcoming to new people too. It’s a great place to settle down and unfold your life.

I hope these 10 Reasons to Love Frisco, Texas have inspired you to at least consider moving to my wonderful city. I love it here! It’s awesome! There is something for everyone in Frisco, and homes for every budget. If you want help finding the right city–or right place to live in Frisco, TX, don’t hesitate to give me a call. That’s what I’m here for–YOU. 972-510-9177 Jenna Ryan, Realtor. Talk to ya soon!!!

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