Moving Checklist

A new home! It has a certain ring to it, doesn’t it? Does the thought of moving into a new house (or new to you) conjure up thoughts of much work and stress? Think of it this way, just one last hurdle…then you can rest and relax in your new home for years to come!

We’ve put together the following moving checklist to help you keep your thoughts organized during the move into your new home. If there’s anything we haven’t thought of, please let us know!

Moving Checklist

2 Months Before Moving you can…

______  Start a “Move” file for all your receipts, estimates and invoices.

______  Check with your CPA to see what expenses are deductible on your taxes.

______  Budget for moving expenses and get quotes from reputable movers.

______  Research your new community on the internet.

______  Order moving supplies. You’ll need plenty of boxes, tape and bubble wrap.

______  Start paring down. Now is the time to have a garage sale for old junk.

1.5 Months Before Moving you can…

______  Call your health club and see if membership is transferrable.

______  List the doctors, grocers and salons you’ll use at your new home.

______  Get a map of your new location so you’ll know your way around.

1 Month Before Moving you can…

______  Make a list of who needs to be notified of your move.

______  Plan to use up things that can’t be moved such as items in the freezer.

______  Schedule movers, friends and family help.

______  Contact Utilities to transfer services.

_______  Get Time off work.

_______  Collect boxes & packing supplies

_______  Start packing things you won’t need initially at the new home.

_______  Call the newspaper to inform it of your impending move.

2 Weeks Before Moving You can …

_______  Contact your bank to make address change to your account.

_______  Continue packing.

1 Week Before Moving You Can…

_______  Start cleaning your current home and eliminating debris.

_______  Confirm your scheduled helpers and movers.

_______  Leave a note in your mailbox with your forwarding address.

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