Pricing Your Home to Sell

The list price you choose effects the sale of your home positively or negatively. You want a price that will cause Pricing your home too high will cause an unnecessary delay in the sale. Houses on the market too long generally do not sell for the best price. Price your home judiciously for a quick sale.

Home Improvements

The improvements and additions you’ve made to your home are not always recoverable in the asking price, but can add value to your home. Your swimming pool may have cost $25,000, but that doesn’t mean your home is worth $25,000 more. Swimming pools, decks, built-in-bookshelves and hardwood floors all make your home more attractive to home buyers.

Don’t Waste Time

When pricing your house, the key is this: Don’t waste time. Homes on the market a long time are perceived negatively by home  shoppers. They get suspicious and wonder, “Why hasn’t anyone bought this home yet?” Price your home at five to ten percent above the price of comparable homes in your neighborhood and you should get the right price and make good time.

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